Tick-Be-Gone Sponsors K9CS!

Tick-Be-Gone co-owner Jay with Bryan and K-9 Ian

In 2018 K9CS, Inc. moved to the country (well, it’s definitely more rural) town of Tolland, CT. We are in love with our new home, boasting over an acre of land for the puppies to explore. Not uncommon in New England, our yard was full of ticks. Enter the Experts: Tick-Be-Gone. Rather than use harsh synthetic, or chemical pesticides, locally owned Tick-Be-Gone uses an all-natural botanical control agent that disrupts the tick molting process and affects all life stages. Their process is gentle on beneficial creatures such as bees, earthworms, butterflies, and lady bugs. The products they use are approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and comply with EPA regulations for 25(b) exempt pesticides.

We are proud to have a tick-free yard for our K-9s and cannot thank Tick-Be-Gone enough for their large support of our charity and the work that we do. These are the good guys, doing good work and giving back. We ask that you support them by visiting Tick-Be-Gone and keep your family and pets free from the threat of Lyme and other tick-borne disease. Call the experts, call 860-481-4324, and relax from worry!

www.tickbegonene.com 860-481-4234