K-9 Crime Stoppers

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Why we Raise, Train, and Donate K9s
To help communities in need of police dogs.

It takes a special dog to be a working police K-9. Usually Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, or a mix of the two, future officers live in-house with Bryan and his family for daily training. Dogs are raised and trained one or two at at time, learning the skills they need to work patrol and/or detection. To fully train a dog to the point that he/she is ready to join the force can take as much as a year and cost thousands of dollars. The receiving police department or SAR organization that receive the dog will be saving thousands of dollars and given a dog that is ready to do his/her job.

Our Team

People that work with our dogs.
Bryan Colletti
President & Founder
Melanie Goodin
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